About Us


Parcai Designs, LLC is an art licensing agency based in Dallas, Texas, representing artists who license their work to manufacturers for use on products. Our team brings a wealth of experience in gift product manufacturing, graphic design, marketing, and legal expertise. Offering timeless classics, current trends, and cutting edge designs, we are committed to developing lasting relationships between art and industry.

Meeting Diverse Needs with Superior Service


We take pride in presenting a varied and rich portfolio and providing superior customer service to the manufacturers who license work from our artists. To that end, we represent a diverse selection of artists whose work fits a full range of product categories from classic traditional styles to the hottest emerging trends. We offer fine art, repeat patterns, full collections, and single illustrations in a host of genres including baby, children, holiday, food, floral, landscape, retro, and modern. Like a particular style, but don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Let’s talk. Our artists can create or adapt designs to meet your specific needs and their body of work is constantly evolving as they strive to stay current in the ever-changing marketplace.


In addition to variety, we offer professionalism. Through a careful selection process we have chosen artists who recognize that licensing is a business, requiring balance between the creative process and the bottom line. Our artists are industrious, flexible, and accessible. We respect deadlines and last-minute developments, and our team is poised and ready to deliver amazing artwork on time and tailored to fit your needs.



Ready to begin a lasting professional partnership with Parcai Designs? Our portfolio is a click away. Licensing agents Lainey Parker and Teresa Cain are ready to work with you.